27.04.2016 10:48

World Broadcaster Meeting at Lahti

Lahti 2017 World Broadcaster Meeting 26.-27.4.2016 gathered over 70 TV representatives to Lahti from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The agenda was to share information about competition venue, schedules, production plans, technical operations, compounds and broadcasting facilities.

World Broadcaster Meeting was hosted by the host broadcaster YLE in cooperation with Lahti2017. YLE has long history in broadcasting the various skiing events from their very start. In Lahti2017 the aim is to show competition events and the story lines connected to them, with respect for all traditions of previous world championship events held in Lahti.

- We at Yle have solid experience in producing ski sports. Yle has broadcast the various Lahti games first on the radio and since 1958 also on TV. The ground work for our joint success story will be laid out during these couple of days at World Broadcasters Meeting. I know that by working together, we will be able to offer the viewers the strong emotions and impressive stories only World Championships can offer, said Vesa Rämet, the Executive Producer at Yle Host Broadcaster.

Image: YLE Crew at Lahti2017

Goal is that every detail has been prepared to deliver outstanding images around the world. Common mission is to enable the viewers to closely follow the performances of the world’s best Nordic Skiing athletes as they fight for the most prestigious titles and to transmit the passion, thrill and sentiments of the event as if the viewers were there, in the heart of the action.

- In Lahti we will respect the history and the heritage of skiing but yet stage modern Championships. Our goal is to host World Championships where everyone will feel at home, said Janne Leskinen, Secretary General, Lahti 2017. Janne Leskinen in image below.

Lahti2017 Crew, from left: Anu Anttila, Jesse Kiuru, Tami Kiuru, Kirsi Hänninen, Suvi Räsänen, Hannu Lehtinen, Anu Haapalainen.


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