The application process is clodes. Go to the volunteer registration system here.

If you have any questions about volunteering please contact: volunteers (at) lahti2017.fi 

Volunteers will receive food, coffee, training for their task and guidance during the games. All the volunteers will get a diploma/work certificate. Information about volunteers' clothing package has been sent directly to selected volunteers.

To volunteer you will need to participate at least 5 days or more at World Championships, speak fluent English and participate in online training and in-person interviews before the games.

The volunteers are responsible for travel and accommodation themselves. Age limit to volunteer tasks are 16 years and to certain tasks, 18 years old.

For more information please contact volunteers (at) lahti2017.fi

Volunteer guide

You can read and download volunteer guide here.

Volunteer tasks


Customer service is the place for those who love to interact with the spectators and feel comfortable talking with people from many different culture. You should know your way around the city of Lahti and know details of the competition and ceremony schedule. Customer services main mission is to make everyone feel at home.

Available tasks:

Ticket Sales
Ticket selling at the main gates. Friendly customerservice attitude and experience of customer and cashierwork helps at this task. 

Ticket sales office
Printing tickets and helping ticket sales at their daily duties. Fluent Finnish speaking skills required at this task. 

Pre-sold tickets office
Pre-sold tickets office requieres fluent Finnish speaking skills. May also include ticket selling. 

Welcome (to World Championships) Crew
Ticket control and welcoming the customers to venue. 

“How Can I Help you / Ask me anything”
Info persons to help customers at infodesks.

Smile In / Smile Out- group
Welcoming group for our special customers (families, physically challenged persons, distribution of marketing products). 

Guide for auditorium
Guides to help audience find their places and making sure that auditoriums are ready for customers.

Guide for forest venues
Helping customers to find forest venues – quidance, distribution of maps, controlling the queues.

Airport customer service
Helps out our customer groups at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Partner quide
Helps Lahti2017 partners to accomplish their branches.


Working in Operational Support means to assist at administrative services, accreditation, logistics and uniform distribution. This sector is an opportunity for customer service experts to be involved with many different spectatorgroup at the games.


The Sports area is for volunteers who are hard workers and who also have an excellent grasp of the rules of one or more sports. Their main task is to enable athletes to give of their best during the competitions.


Team hosts makes sure that teams feels at home during their stay. Team host should be at least 18 years old and have exellent language skills. They also should be able to take part at pre championships in 2016 as well as 2017.


Technology volunteer know their way with computers, cables, connections, mobile phones, applications and internet.


Volunteers in catering makes sure that food is warm and everyone has a warm cup of coffee in different venues. These task are for volunteers who enjoys self-imposed approach toward their task.


Volunteers in accommodation are taking good care of our  different guests groups, affiliates and reference groups. Guests will come from all over the world, so you are required to speak fluent English and be polite to people from different cultures.


Communications is the perfect area for volunteers who feel passioned about everything to do with communication and content production.


You will assist media representatives, informing media, managing the work space and the mixed zone.


Parking lot service, Access control (18 yrs.)

Your mission is to check accreditation passes and ensure that the media and the championship organization find their places.

Parking lot service ensures that the audience parks safely and in good order.


Volunteers at environment staff will be the eyes for the enviromental issues during the competition. You will help the audience and the tournament organization to recycle and follow other ecological guidelines of the tournament.

CEREMONY PRODUCTION The opening ceremonies 2017

The opening at 2017 one of the main events at Finland celebrating 100 years of independence. In order for everything to take place with great success and, a large number of volunteers will work at the stage and behind the scenes in the Ceremony Production area.

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