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Official Program

Official program with training and TCM times

*Minor changes in TCM times and official training times are possible

Venue Map

Sports venue

Course Maps & Profiles

Cross-Country and Nordic Combined course maps and profiles can be found here. 

Stadium Layouts

Cross-Country and Nordic Combined stadium layouts can be found and downloaded here. 

Official Invitation

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For the latest course maps and stadium layouts, please check the links below.

Athlete's Village

Load Athlete's Village PDF-brochure here.

Contact Persons

Sports Director
Tami Kiuru
+358 50 3317279
tami.kiuru (at)

Sports Coordinator
Tytti Kirvesmies
+358 400 512186
tytti.kirvesmies (at)

Venue Coordinator
Jarkko Laine
+358 44 4163956
jarkko.laine (at)

Team Services Manager
Suvi Kainulainen
+358 50 3710512
suvi.kainulainen (at)

Team Services Coordinator
Suvi Räsänen
+358 40 139 0690
suvi.rasanen (at)

Chiefs of Competition

CC Chief of Competition
Raiko Pousi
+358 40 758 9851
raiko.pousi (at)

NC Chief of Competition
Jarkko Mantila
+358 44 725 2310
jarkko.mantila (at)

SJ Chief of Competition
Mika Jukkara
+358 400 900 170
mika.jukkara (at)