13.12.2016 16:43

Surprising circus experiences in World Championships

The Centenary Championships offer entertainment on a wide scale. The whole event area is a going to be a playground for the circus students, so the visitors can be surprised anywhere!

The visitors are able to experience circus acts performed by Lahti Circus School students all over the event and spectator areas. The Circus Artists Education students have all their own areas of expertise and because of that, the visitors are able to experience everything from pair acrobatics to juggling and much more.

Minna Pulsa and Orfeo Llewellyn, both third year students at Lahti Circus School, are reminiscing with positive minds the circus entity tested in Pre-World Championships. For both of them, the Lahti2017 World Championships are going to be the first big scale event that they attend.

- In Pre-World Championships, we had a special side event for us. However, the best part for us was to go through the event area performing and entertaining the visitors. We did many surprising circus acts that the spectators were not expecting. We were able to get in contact with the visitors: that was fun and we thought that the spectators enjoyed it as well. It was good that the people had loads of funny things to experience and watch when there were breaks in cross-country skiing or ski jumping competitions, Minna and Orfeo explain.

Performing circus acts or tricks outside makes a huge difference compared to indoors. In Centenary Championships, the most challenging aspects are chilly weather and other possible weather phenomena, that need to be taken into account. The muscles need to be well warmed up.

- The time we need to get ready is longer, says Minna.

- We have to use a lot of time for warming up. The body needs to stay warm also in outdoors in order to avoid injuries, Orfeo adds.

- In World Championships we need to be more careful because of the ice and snow. For example, when it’s snowing, the water and the snow make hands very slippery.

Currently the circus students of Lahti Circus School are training hard and preparing themselves to World Championships. The program seen in Lahti2017 is coming along, but it is not 100 % sure what kinds of tricks are to be seen.

- Compared to last year, we want to showcase more of what we are able to do! We have big plans, but they are still secret, reveals Orfeo.

Photos: Janina Pitkänen

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