17.11.2016 11:30

The spirit of Lahti is created by working together

In 2017, the city of Lahti will host historical 7th time the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. The long traditions in World Championship organizing are unique in the whole world – no other city has hosted the World Championships as many times as the city of Lahti.

One aspect is still clear. Without a big group of experienced volunteers, who have made World Cup and World Championships possible for decades, this tradition would not even exist. The volunteers’ quality of work is greatly respected in Lahti. Also the volunteers recognise that their work is valued and very important for the World Championships.

- It is great to know that we are doing an important job here. Volunteering and working for a greater goal together connects people. It is nice to work together with happy and likeminded people, explains Anja Rehula, who has volunteered multiple times in Lahti.


The Centenary Championships are organized with exceptional experience, but it also offers wonderful platform to create and introduce new traditions. The unique story of Lahti is continued by the new generation of volunteers, who bring fresh skill sets and job descriptions with them.

Aleksi Ihalainen was one of the first-timer volunteers, and part of the communications team in pre-World Championships in 2016. For example, Aleksi’s contribution to the team was introducing and adding Snapchat as a social media tool for pre-World Championships.

- I wanted to volunteer because I had already been involved in organizing few events. The previous experiences were fun and I learned from the events. I looked forward of being a volunteer in Lahti, Aleksi explains.


Like Anja, also Aleksi thinks that the best aspect in volunteering is working together with nice people. Aleksi adds, that learning something new also made a difference. Every volunteer in Centenary Championships is offered customer service schooling.

- All our volunteers are offered a customer service course approved by Service Union United PAM in January. Volunteers are also getting an official diploma stating that they have participated in the course, the Volunteers Manager Jenni Pehkonen explains.

The unique story created by volunteers is continued starting on 22th of February 2017. Both experienced and more recent volunteers form a fantastic group of people who takes care of that the Centenary Championships are going to be an unforgettable experience. Together. In true spirit of Lahti.


Photos: Finnish Ski Museum (left) and Justus Hirvi (right)

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