15.12.2016 18:51

Rolli's magical Winterland

Rolli’s Winterland is going to be built around Karpalo ski jumping hill area and it is designed by Päivi Kettunen, the production designer of Rolli and Secret of All Time movie. The Winterland offers children and their families an amazing way to spend time in Lahti 2017 World Championships. Rolli’s Winterland is open on every competition day and it is included in the ticket price.

The visitors of Rolli’s Winterland are able to experience the joy of winter and speed in sledding hill, on a curling track, in children’s ski jumping hill and of course, on cross-country skiing tracks.

The Rolli Cafeteria offers small snacks and beverages with a magical Centenary Championships atmosphere since the cross-country skiing tracks go right next to the cafeteria.

The safety and the guidance in different winter disciplines is ensured by over 70 students from Pajulahti Sport Centre and by the professionals at Finnish Ski Association’s Snow Moves initial.

Lahti 2017 World Championships wanted to bring a magical character worthy of the occasion to the event, and Rolli, voted as the most loved fairy tale character in Finland, was the obvious choice. Nature-loving character who lives in the woods is a good match for the Centenary Championships because responsibility of the environment is a shared theme both in Lahti 2017 and in the fairy tale of Rolli.

- Rolli loves the feeling in the forest and living from the nature. The character is fascinated by recycling, renewability and sustainable materials. The Winterland is based on these values as well, explains Päivi Kettunen.

Rolli’s Winterland is a good opportunity to experience a magical world that children have seen only in movies. Everything is going to be built in the spirit of Rolli and the details of the Winterland are to reflect that. In addition, the area wants to support the creativity of the children.

- Everything does not have to be so serious, but fun in the true spirit of Rolli! We are sure that the children will have some ideas of building forts and other things that are easy to create.

- The area has also a Wish Tree. Children and adults can think what they would like to wish. When you attach the wish to the wish tree, it is obviously going to happen, says Kettunen.

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