Welcome to the Centenary Championships!

The World Championships in Lahti are the biggest celebration of the 100-year-old independent Finland. The city of Lahti is organizing the World Championships already for the 7th time and the ski stadium is ready for world-class competitions and atmosphere for 12 days.

Unforgettable memories, feelings and atmosphere is guaranteed with activities for the whole family, entertainment, delicious food and beverages.

Take a look at the vast competition programme and make yourself familiar with the extensive entertainment programme that takes place in Festival Arena. The whole programme is already included in the ticket price!

Welcome Wednesday 22.2.
Epic Thursday 23.2.
Ladies Friday 24.2.
Saturday Winter Carnival 25.2. - Sold out!
Super Sunday 26.2.
Visit Lahti Monday 27.2.
Tango Tuesday 28.2.
Superman Wednesday 1.3.
Thursday of Stars 2.3.
Friday Night Fever 3.3.
Legendary Saturday 4.3.
King of Sundays 5.3.

Activities for Families with Children
Get Swept Away with Tango
The Best Aprés-ski of the Winter
Food Selection
Medal Awards Plaza
Stadium Production
The Event areas

Competition programme

All starting times are local time (CET +1 hour) and subject to change.

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Programme as PDF-file available here.

Welcome Wednesday 22.2.

08:30 Gates open
09:00 Nakkirakki (Children's programme)
13:00 Pikku Papun Orkesteri (Children's programme)
14:00 CC Ladies 5 km Qualification
15:30 CC Men 10 km Qualification

19:00 Opening Ceremony at Lahti Market Square

Epic Thursday 23.2.

08:30 Gates Open
12:30 Tango: Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani
14:00 SJ Ladies Qualification HS100
15:00 CC Sprint Ladies & Men Qualification ( F )
16:15 Ti€napojat
17:30 CC Sprint Ladies & Men Finals ( F )
19:45 Ti€napojat (18+)

Ladies Friday 24.2.

08:30 Gates Open
10:30 NC Individual Competition HS100
12:15 Salpaus Circus
13:30 NC 10 km Individual Gunderssen
14:30 SJ Men Qualification HS100

15:30 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband
17:30 SJ Ladies Competition HS100
19:30 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband (18+)
21:00 Antti Tuisku (18+)

Saturday Winter Carnival 25.2. - Sold out!

09:00 Gates Open
12:00 CC Ladies Skiathlon 7,5 + 7,5 km
13:15 Tango: Jukka Hallikainen & Jackpot
14:30 CC Men Skiathlon 15 + 15 km
16:30 Konsta Hietanen & Vox Undercover
17:30 SJ Men Competition HS100
Fireworks after Ski jumping competition
19:30 Konsta Hietanen & Vox Undercover (18+)
20:30 Disco Inferno (18+)

Super Sunday 26.2. 

09:00 Gates Open
11:30 CC Team Sprint Qualification ( C )
12:00 NC Team Competition HS100

13:00 LSC Panthers Cheerleaders
13:30 CC Team Sprint Finals ( C )
14:30 Tango: Aki Samuli & Fantasia
15:30 NC Team 4 x 5 km
17:30 SJ Mixed Team Competition HS100

Visit Lahti Monday 27.2.

No competitions. Enjoy events and sights around the Lahti region.

Tango Tuesday 28.2.

11:00 Gates Open
12:00 Tango: Kyösti Mäkimattila & Susanna Heikki
13:45 CC Ladies 10 km ( C )
15:15 Tango: Teemu Roivainen, Marko Maunuksela, Jukka Hallikainen, Kyösti Mäkimattila & Susanna Heikki (18+ after 18:00)

Superman Wednesday 1.3.

10:00 Gates Open
12:00 NC Individual Competition HS130
13:45 CC Men 15 km ( C )
16:15 NC 10 km Individual Gunderssen

17:30 YleX After Ski - Vilma Alina
18:00 YleX After Ski - Disko2000
20:45 YleX After Ski - Pete Parkkonen
18:00 SJ Men Qualification HS130

Thursday of Stars 2.3.

12:00 Gates Open
12:30 LSC Panthers Cheerleaders
13:00 Brädi
15:00 CC Ladies Relay 4 x 5 km
16:30 Konsta Hietanen & Vox Undercover
18:30 SJ Men Competition HS130
20:30 Disco Inferno (18+)

Friday Night Fever 3.3.

10:30 Gates Open
13:30 CC Men Relay 4 x 10 km
16:00 NC Team Sprint HS130

16:45 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband
18:15 NC Team Sprint 2 x 7,5 km
19:30 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband (18+)
21:00 Jean S (18+)

Legendary Saturday 4.3.

11:30 Gates Open
13:00 Tango: Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani
14:30 CC Ladies 30 km ( F )
17:15 SJ Men Team Competition HS130

Fireworks after Ski jumping competition
19:30 Ti€napojat (18+)
20:45 Lahti Party All Stars (18+)

King of Sundays 5.3.

11:30 Gates Open
12:30 Tango: Erika Vikman and Marco Lundberg & Taivaankaari
14:30 CC Men 50 km ( F )
Closing Ceremony

Click here or the individual competition events to read more about the format and tracks of the different competition types.  


The kids are guaranteed a magical atmosphere in Rolli’s Winterland with guided snow and indoor activities. For us it is important, that the children have many activities and loads of fun at Centenary Championships!

Read more about activities for families with children here.


High emotions are definitely involved when the spectators in World Championships start dancing! The brightest stars of Finnish tango won’t leave the crowd feeling cold.

Tango in Centenary Championships? Read more about the event here.


The Centenary Championships’ aprés-ski is made for those who have their own moves and are not afraid to show them! When the competitions quiet down for the night, the stage is set for The Party of this winter. Finland’s biggest skiing fan Antti Tuisku is going to set the mood for the weekend on Ladies Friday and on Supermen Wednesday the Radio Station YleX Pop is taking care of the musical entertainment.

Read more about the aprés-ski programme here.


The food selection in the World Championships is more diverse than ever! The spectators are warmly welcomed to taste and enjoy the food and beverage selection all around the event area.

Read more about the food selection in Centenary Championships.

Medal Awards Plaza

The town square of Lahti is the home of the opening and medal ceremonies. Alongside the official ceremonies, the town square hosts a variety of events during the World Championships.

Read more about the programme of medal awards plaza here.

Stadium Production

Over 100 hours of live show - Stadium Production team creates the atmosphere worthy of World Championships!

Get to know the team here. 

The Event areas

In Lahti2017 World Championships we share unforgettable moments both on X-Country and Ski Jumping stadiums as well as in other parts of event areas like Festival Arena, Fan Zone, The Finland100 lane, Experience Finland Partner Expo and Rolli Winterland. 

Read more here. 


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