1.12.2016 15:21

Cosy festival atmosphere in world-class frames

We welcome you to take a sneak peek to Lahti2017 spectator areas! The event area is a combination of visual experience worthy of Finland’s 100th anniversary, world-class competition areas and cosy festival atmosphere.

The unique atmosphere of Salpausselkä consists of rugged, beautiful nature and people. The wintery nature is highlighted with visual materials and lightning. The purple theme colour brings warmth and effective contrast against beautiful snowy landscape.

The cosy festival atmosphere is created by using wood and other renewable materials.

The whole beautiful visual experience is thought to the smallest details in the spirit of Centenary Championships. The decorations include hundreds of old cross-country skis donated by Finns. Because sustainability and environmental responsibility is one of the key elements in Lahti2017, the donated skis are used in different fence elements and furniture throughout the specator areas.

In the Centenary Championships, the spectator areas offer experiences for every sense. Prepare to be surprised!

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